The Elements

The Question

What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world;

First Element

The Earth, the land of Corfu, the soil, is extraordinary, full of minerals and particularly seductive.

The area was found and was the best after a rigorous choice. Full of beauty and the hills lined with ancient olive groves, which are organically cultivated, over 2000 years of daily gaze at the sea and behind them have the coolness and protection of the mountain Pantokrator. Below them are the UNESCO heritage of Peritheia, a village with rich history, incredible architecture, abandoned now but filled with stories to flood it.

So the first element was found, the Land and at the same time the name was created.

The Estate

The Question

What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world;

Second Element

The Olive Tree. The Olive Groves. Which Variety;

In noble hills are the olive groves at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters above sea level, among herbs a zen place. Perfect for organic farming. The variety of the olive tree is unique in the world. Lianolia Kerkiras.

Blessed olives, ancient with deep roots. The sun keeps them all day, at the right distance from each other with proper humidity. Olives that produce olive oil with the highest amounts of polyphenols and oleocanthal in the world. Extremely deep and tasty with notes of pepper and aromatic plants. A taste that is never forgotten.

Olive Groves

The Question

What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world;

Third Element

The Cultivation and the Harvest.

The Greeks have never forgotten that the olive tree is the sacred tree that the goddess Athena donated to the people. It is their Salvation. At the Organic Farm of North Corfu every tree is important. It is an entity, a living being, a star … a mechanism of the Universe.

We gather the fruit by the hand. No streaks and no pain. All importance is given at the right time. From early September, we check the olives every day and gather them when they need to, on time, without striving for quantity, but for the beauty, the quality. Many times we have been told to wait a month or two to get the olives mature to have bigger quantities, a higher profit.

But that was not the question we set out from the beginning. Quality.

We transport the olives to tasteful coffins within 2 hours of collecting them in our privately owned cold press mill..


The Question

What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world;

Fourth element.

The Olive Mill. Cold Extraction,

We were not satisfied with the old-style mills that did not respect the environment and the olives were mixed with others, they were crushed in a non-natural way and did not hold the quality elements after the mash. We wanted the best.

We bought without regard for the cost the best cold-pressing machines to keep all the quality elements, always aiming at answering the question that was put on that magical first day.

The process is simple but effective.

No heat is used, we respect the environment using the minimum of water and without any solvents.

Every detail counts and counts. The fruit is separated from the leaves and crushed. In the white core of the bowl there is a delicate taste that we want because when it is released, it changes the quality. It makes it clearer. No water is used for cleaning to crush the fruit because less water is used, the more complex the taste will come out. We also do not mix and mix with other varieties to have quantities. Our olive oil is and will always be unicoloured.

Also, oxygen is maintained and calibrated so as not to exceed the limits and alter the best and best to taste.

During the process the temperatures are always normal, Between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. Always the purpose is to keep at every cost the quality and the answer to the question. We are not interested in the capacity. Quality has a cost in the final price and our olive oil is not for everyone.

Cold Extraction

The Question

What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world;

Fifth Element

The Variety and The Flavor

Lianolia Kerkyras is a famous Greek variety known for the exceptional quality of olive oil and its hygienic protective properties. Olive oil has a remarkable flavour and aroma. It is pepper and leaves a drop in the mouth.

Third-party control

We check every year for the bioavailability of the oil and we have the mark of the European Union. An organoleptic test is performed every year by a laboratory of the International Olive Oil Organization that shows us the hygienic properties, the purity, the freshness and the bitterness.


Every year Bio Hellas performs an organoleptic test to the fruit

The Estate
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