The Story

Peritheia Olive Oils is a Quest. Everything started when a simple question arose in between a fellowship on a Corfu beach while enjoying wine, the sun, the blue sky and the sea breeze. Everyone had different knowledge, abilities, personality, gifts, virtues and qualifications decided that it was worth it while to try together to answer the question.

The question What are the key elements and details that make an olive oil the best in the world. To give health and longevity to the people, to be excellent in taste and finally how something from the world of dreams and the stories we heard from our grandfathers can be materialized in the natural world;


The Land of Corfu

The best olive oil in the world is born to the land of Corfu with Lianolia Kerkyras variety


Lianolia Corfu unique in the World


Full of minerals and particularly seductive

Corfu Map


We gather the fruit by the hand


First cold pressed


Hellenic ceramic pot, inspired by ancient Athenian Vase

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